Restore strength and moisture to undernourished
hair with plant-derived botanicals as they cleanse
without stripping and build-up. This all-herbal
shampoo deeply penetrates to hydrate,
with its concentrated proteins and a blend
of natural oils.
An ever-so-delicate mist of gentle Lavender that
is good for those sleepless nights or to cool
summer heat. Hand blended with pure plant
hydrosols and essential oils this calming mist
is delightfully soothing at the end of a long day.
The Mangal Utsav Dhoop is a very powerful blend of
specific herbs and resins. In the ancient times this
dhoop was burned at the start of rituals to cleanse the air
of negativity, witchcraft/evil eye and of
unhealthy, airborne micro-organisms,
thus making the air pure.

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